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Energy Management in Grand Terrace, Fontana and Ontario

Energy expenses are something that can get away from you very quickly as a business owner. One minute you think it’s all under control and suddenly you’re looking at a bill double the length of your other monthly expenses. How did it happen? What can you do about it?

Calwest Refrigeration Inc. has been working in energy management for 28 years, and as commercial energy use has evolved, so have we.

Creating an energy management plan for your company will help you save hundreds of dollars over a year. Speak with one of our energy consultants today and find out just how much you’re currently over-spending on energy!

Detailed Diagnostics

When we meet with our clients to create an energy management program for their company to follow, we first perform a walk-through of the commercial structure. This way we can take into account energy sources and mark down ways in which they could be altered or controlled to be more efficient.

Methods for this could be as simple as switching to energy saving light bulbs, or turning equipment off when leaving the room.

There are always areas to improve when it comes to energy management, but it’s not always simple to figure out which these are without the help of a trained and experienced energy consultant.

Energy Monitoring Devices

While sometimes it’s as simple as switching to energy saving light bulbs, in most cases—and especially for larger companies—you’re going to have to spend money to save money.

Energy monitoring devices include a wide variety of automation products that will help you save energy in your company without even noticing!

From HVAC controllers to light control systems and web-based multi-protocol solutions, at Calwest Refrigeration Inc. we’ve got something to help you out in any situation!

Energy Management Plan

Creating an energy management program for your company is something that you’ll be thanking yourself for doing for years to come. Aside from saving money, two major benefits of setting up an energy management program in your office include a safe and productive work environment, and one that’s certified eco-friendly as well.

High-performance buildings simply run better, making them a better place for your employees to work at every day. And, through less energy consumption, your building will be making a smaller impact on the world around you.

Through tips, tricks, and energy automation products, Calwest Refrigeration Inc. will arm you with everything you need to start saving today.

You Can Do Better

It’s easy to start doing better for the planet and for your pocket book. By investing in energy management planning, you’ll be helping yourself, your employees, and the planet!

With nearly three decades in the business, you can count on Calwest Refrigeration Inc. to provide you with the best advice and solutions for keeping energy use and expense down in your commercial space.

If you are curious about the process or are ready to book your company assessment, just give us a call or send us an e-mail today!